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If you are planning an outing with your friends anytime soon, then Dejabrew is the place that you’re looking for. With swanky décor and relaxed vibes, this brewery has the ideal ambience to have a wonderful time with your gang. Groove to the latest tunes while sipping your favourite drinks, and unwind with your folks in a chilled-out ambience.

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Feliz Café

Be it any time of the day, a cup of coffee is all you need to feel relaxed. Order a cuppa at Feliz Café, which also offers an extensive spread of eclectic delicacies from around the globe, including English breakfast, hot chocolate, jasmine green tea, poha and prawn curry. So, sit back, relax and indulge in the casual way of life.

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A culinary aficionado’s delight, this happening bistro offers a plethora of delicious meals. From Vada Pav to the authentic Chinese delicacies- be it any flavour of the country, this is the Zone you’d like to be in. If you call yourself a true foodie then, join us with your loved ones for a delicious voyage.